Nine Of The Most Luxurious Superyachts on Planet Earth

People have been crossing the high seas for thousands of years, but it’s never looked or felt quite like this. Welcome to the ultra-exclusive world of superyachts. From Wall Street titans and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, to oil sheikhs and oligarchs; the well-off have a propensity for dropping millions to obtain one of these dazzling, floating palaces. While luxury doesn’t come cheap, these jaw-dropping yachts feature everything from exquisite staterooms, theatres and helipads, to one-of-a-kind additions like barber shops, concert-halls and even a rumored missile defense system (you’ll just have to guess which one that is). Fuel your daydreams with this exclusive peek below deck on nine of the sleekest mega-yachts to recently end up on the market. All aboard! JUBILEE: […]