There Will Be Bids

via Douglas Elliman The 1,800 acre Las Varas Ranch, which features nearly 2 miles of pristine Santa Barbara beachfront and was built by Edward Doheny, is somewhat surrounded by artistic appeal. The expansive property inspired Upton Sinclair’s Oil! and, consequently, the 2007 Oscar-nominated film “There Will Be Blood” starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Despite the film and novel’s use of the lavish estate to further their condemnation of exploitative greed, the publicity surrounding these acclaimed works of art probably didn’t hurt the ranch’s asking price of $80 million. In 1892, Edward Doheny drilled the first successful oil well in the Los Angeles City Oil Field. His success set off a huge petroleum boom in Southern California. It also made him a massive […]

Drugs, Draughts, and Drag Races: 15 Acre Palm Beach Estate With Ocean And Lakefront Views For $139 Million

Although it is currently owned by the Ziff family, a clan of publishing moguls behind Car & Driver and PC Magazine, the Gemini estate was originally built in 1940. Its original owners were no less prestigious than the ones who currently call this ultra-mansion home: the Lamberts, a family comprised of pharmaceutical giants, eventually sold their massive beachfront estate to British politician Loel Guinness (yes, that Guinness).  Be it due to its prestigious ownership history, incredible location, or sheer enormity, the home is currently up for sale for $138.8 million. Gemini is a 15-acre ocean-to-lake estate located in Palm Beach, Florida, where it is the only home on the beach for almost a mile.Originally designed as a family compound, the […]

Impossible Is Nothing: Reebok Billionaire’s $90 Million Boston Mega Estate

It takes a lot of shoe leather to scrape together a spare $90 million. But if you happen to run into that kind of success (ha-ha) and are in the market for a new home, don’t miss the 26,000 square foot Woodland Manor just outside of downtown Boston. The house (a term which, though technically true, feels like a gross understatement) was built in 2000 for Paul and Phyllis Fireman. Fireman was born and raised south of Boston in Brockton, MA and dropped out of college before working a variety of jobs. This included a tenure at a sporting goods store before Fireman’s business savvy led to his acquiring the North American sales rights to Reebok in 1979. 5 years […]

What Do Cher And Eddie Murphy Have In Common? This $85 Million Home

There is a fabulous home in LA’s Benedict Canyon whose claim to faim isn’t just its 16-acre equestrian estate; this $85 million gem was home to two of Hollywood’s most iconic stars: legendary singer Cher, followed by incomparable comedian Eddie Murphy just a few years later!   Cher originally owned the multi-million dollar estate in the 1970’s, when it held only four acres. She later sold it to Eddie Murphy. In the 1990s, Murphy then sold the home to its current owners, who acquired its  surrounding land and redeveloped the site, adding in the equestrian amenities, two guest houses, and a tennis court. This transformation made the already formidable home on of the only equestrian estates in the entire Los Angeles […]

Your Guide to the Most Expensive (and Highest-Quality!) Headphones on the Market

We’re not sure if you’ve ever heard (pun intended) about the wild world of high-end audiophile gear before. If you haven’t, you’re in for a revelation. Dedicated music enthusiasts all over the world are plugged into the latest developments in audio technology – and now you can be, too. With every passing year, incredible new advancements are made in the ways music is stored, digitized, and enjoyed – and few tools are as definitive of modern musical consumption as headphones. From earbuds to massive over-ear pads, headphones come in an array of shapes, sizes, and prices. Though we’ve all heard of well-reviewed mid-tier headphones like Beats and Sony MDRs, an entire (lesser known) universe of luxury gear exists – and […]

12 Amazing (and Expensive) Custom Guitars that’ll Blow You Away

Music lovers around the world might be inclined to argue that music is priceless; after all, how is it possible to put an objective price tag on art? Though romantic, this idea is pretty incompatible with the multi-billion-dollar global music industry that exists – and thrives – in the world today. From streaming accounts to expensive audio gear, melophiles everywhere can easily invest in ways to enhance their music experience – and that includes the instruments that create it in the first place.  The guitar is one of the most iconic musical instruments in existence, lending genres like rock, jazz, and country their signature sounds. The guitar’s one-of-a-kind impact on music as we know it is undeniable, and one of […]

Luxury Cars that You Can (Almost!) Afford

For some people, getting from Point A to Point B isn’t just an item to check off on their daily task list; it’s an opportunity, however short the distance may be, to travel in style. Nothing says traveling en vogue like sitting behind the wheel of one of those cars. We all know the ones: the ones that seem to shine a little brighter, drive a lot faster, and mesmerize us all with their ability to quite literally stop traffic.  We’re talking, of course, about the elusive, coveted supercar – that top-tier line of exceptional machinery that can turn even the most mundane of trips into an excursion to remember. The supercar is defined by an array of one-of-a-kind qualities, […]