Your Guide to the Most Expensive (and Highest-Quality!) Headphones on the Market

We’re not sure if you’ve ever heard (pun intended) about the wild world of high-end audiophile gear before. If you haven’t, you’re in for a revelation. Dedicated music enthusiasts all over the world are plugged into the latest developments in audio technology – and now you can be, too. With every passing year, incredible new advancements are made in the ways music is stored, digitized, and enjoyed – and few tools are as definitive of modern musical consumption as headphones. From earbuds to massive over-ear pads, headphones come in an array of shapes, sizes, and prices. Though we’ve all heard of well-reviewed mid-tier headphones like Beats and Sony MDRs, an entire (lesser known) universe of luxury gear exists – and […]

12 Amazing (and Expensive) Custom Guitars that’ll Blow You Away

Music lovers around the world might be inclined to argue that music is priceless; after all, how is it possible to put an objective price tag on art? Though romantic, this idea is pretty incompatible with the multi-billion-dollar global music industry that exists – and thrives – in the world today. From streaming accounts to expensive audio gear, melophiles everywhere can easily invest in ways to enhance their music experience – and that includes the instruments that create it in the first place.  The guitar is one of the most iconic musical instruments in existence, lending genres like rock, jazz, and country their signature sounds. The guitar’s one-of-a-kind impact on music as we know it is undeniable, and one of […]

Introduction To Fine Watches

As is true of all accessories, watches fall into categories based on price, brand, material and complexity. Casual watches, for instance, tend to be relatively inexpensive and simplistic in design. Fashion watches may fetch higher prices due to brand recognition but are often manufactured with inexpensive parts. Digital watches boast more bells and whistles but sometimes lack creativity in design. Fine watches, however, are in an entirely different category of timepiece altogether. A fine watch is an investment in the exceptional. A representation of style and class. An ode to craftsmanship and complexity. Fine watches encompass all these characteristics. Fine watch brands toe the line between technological advancements and the highly respected age-old art of watchmaking. The goal is always […]