Are You Dating a Narcissist?

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Being absorbed with your own appearance, displaying a lack of empathy, and a penchant for promiscuity are all hallmarks of narcissism. But when you're in love with someone, it can be tricky to identify these — and other less known — characteristics. Plus, many narcissists come across as charming and charismatic, with sometimes little indication that there is another personality hiding underneath their masks. Take this quiz to find out if the person you're dating is a narcissist — and what to do about it...

The term narcissism originates from Greek mythology. According to the historian Ovid, a young man named Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. Unable to consummate his love, the Greek youth stayed by his reflection, gazing hour after hour. In some versions of the story, he didn't leave that spot until he died of starvation. He was literally consumed by his own vanity. The concept of excessive selfishness has been recognized throughout history. However, it's only more recently that narcissism has been defined in psychological terms. Sigmund Freud popularized the term in his psychoanalytic theory, which was first introduced in his essay "On Narcissism" in 1914. The American Psychiatric Association has listed narcissistic personality disorder in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders since 1968.


How often does your man talk about himself?

Literally all of the time
He mostly talks about himself
I sometimes wish he would talk about himself more
Our conversations are pretty balanced

Does he imposes rules upon your life — like waking up at a certain time or dressing a particular way?

No, I would never let a man do that
Yes, but it's not to a crazy level
Actually, we both have rules for each other
Yes, I don't feel like I get to be myself

Does he ever get super possessive or jealous?

Yes, but it’s mostly when he’s drinking
Yes and it's annoying because I don't do anything for him to be jealous of

Do you think he's cheating on you?

Yes, probably
I know that he has in the past
Honestly, I don't know

Does he say or do things that make you feel worthless?

All the time, but it's usually subtle
He says mean things when we fight
We've both said things we regret

Does he have good friendships that have lasted a long time?

Yes, most of his friends go way back
Honestly, I don't know
I think he's probably average in this respect
He has a lot of superficial ones, but they rarely last long

Did he seem different now than when you first met him?

Yes, he was a lot nicer in the beginning
Yes, we were both on our best behavior
Yes, but just to a normal degree
No, he's always been like he is now

Is he really concerned with his physical appearance?

He hits the gym a lot, but that's a good thing
He's obsesses with his looks
I wish he would pay more attention to his grooming habits
He's not that concerned with it

Does he always seem to be the victim in the stories he tells you?

Usually, but not all the time
It's really hard to say

How well does he respond to criticism?

It's scary how insanely he reacts when criticized
He’s cool and calm, but you can tell underneath he's mad
He doesn't like it, but he doesn't get crazy
He listens and actually takes it to heart

If you're talking about something personal or venting, how does he respond?

He responds appropriately
He listens to me, but he doesn't pay good attention or give feedback
He shifts the conversation to be about him
He will play devil's advocate and it drives me crazy

Does he imply or outright say that he's better than other people?

Yes and it's embarrassing
Not that often
Yes, but it's a part of his healthy confidence
He really doesn't say things like that

How many lifetime sexual partners would you estimate he's had?

It's definitely in the double digits (or possibly more)
I'm his first or second
He's secretive about that, so I don't really know
It's probably in single digit territory

How often has he lied to you?

Rarely, if ever
It's hard for me to say
Besides his infidelity, not much that I know of
It's a lot — but hopefully, that's all in the past

If you were late for a dinner date, he would...

Be upset, but it wouldn't last too long
Possibly show some annoyance, depending on how late you were and why
Blow up, make a scene, and be distant or angry the next day
Not make a big deal out of it and enjoy dinner

When you go to a social function together, he...

Makes you proud to introduce him as your guy
Is the life of the party
Always wants to leave early
Puts your enjoyment and comfort above his own

How assertive about his needs and wants is he?

He's very vocal and follows up with action
He's actually kinda secretive about what he really wants
He's open about some things, but closed off in other ways
We are really open and honest with each other

Does he like to show off his body?

Yes and he prioritizes gym time over his other responsibilities
I’m unsure about this
Yes, but it's mostly during sports or sex
He's shy in this regard

How often does he talk his way out of a situation?

He's always doing this
From time to time
It's rare that he’ll try to avoid consequences

Which statement best describes how he feels about himself in relation to other people?

He feels like he's average or below average in most areas
He rarely thinks about himself in relation to others
He feels like he's extraordinary and better than others
He feels like he's a natural leader