Create an Action Movie Plot and We’ll Tell You Which Action Hero is Your Soulmate

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Create an Action Movie Plot and We’ll Tell You Which Action Hero is Your Soulmate


First things first: what’s your hero’s alias?

Agent Z
Poison Apple
Daddy Longlegs
Queen Bee

What cool song plays in the movie's intro?

"I Feel It Coming" by the Weekend
“Carousel” by Travis Scott
“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
“Hunger” by Florence + The MAchine

In what city does your hero live?

Los Angeles
New York

What does your hero do for work?

They’re a detective for a bustling police force
They’re a general in the special forces of the military
They’re a former assassin
They’re a secret government agent

How is your hero’s track record?

They’ve been pretty solid at their work, but they’re waiting to prove themselves.
They’re a complete hot mess.
They’re brand new at their current job and hoping for the chance to shine.
They’re the best in the world at their job

How many languages does your hero speak?

Just one
English and conversational Spanish
Three - all fluent/
They're fluent in five and can have conversations in 12 more.

How much do we know about your hero’s pre-action movie life?

They lived a fairly quiet, happy life until the day everything changed.
He or she had many great adventures.
They’ve had several difficulties and worked hard to overcome them.
They’re well-versed in saving the world.

What is your hero doing when we first see him/her?

Target practice
Performing mixed martial arts
Climbing a very tall cliff
Defeating bad guys

Does your hero have a love interest at the beginning of the movie?

Yes - they’re happily married.
Yes, they’re dating someone great.
No - they just went through a breakup.
No. They’re a lone wolf.

What’s your action hero’s favorite non-work hobby?

Reading novels
Playing music
Working out
There's a life outside of work?

Does your hero have any children that we know of?

Yes - they consider themselves a family man/woman.
Yes, but they’re estranged.
No - they’re not ready for that yet.
None that they know of.

What inciting moment in the movie springs your hero into action?

Someone in the hero’s family is murdered.
Their best friend and partner is killed.
The hero is given a mission
The hero takes it upon themselves to stop a villain

What weapon is your hero’s go-to?

A gun
A crossbow
Their incredible physical skills

Does your hero have a team, or do they work alone?

They have one loyal partner.
They have subordinates, but they make major decisions alone.
They are very much a part of a large team.
They have a small group of trusted collaborators.

Who assigns your hero his or her mission?

Themselves, after a tragic occurrence.
Their employer
Their colleague who died on the job
Themselves, because they think it needs to be done for the greater good.

What’s the first location your hero goes in their mission?


What kind of badass action hero car does he or she drive?

Audi R8
Ferrari 488 Spider
Lamborghini Huracan
Aston Martin DB11

What’s your hero’s biggest skill?

Their charm
Physical combat
Their ability to improvise
Their linguistic abilities

Who is the villain?

A rogue criminal your hero’s faced off with for years
The leader of a hostile state
A mad genius
A powerful new terrorist organization

What is the villain’s plan?

To hit the hero where it hurts - it’s personal.
To steal a disc with government secrets on it.
To introduce a new viral disease to the world, killing millions.
To carry out a series of senseless attacks all over the world.

How long does your hero have to ruin the villain’s plan?

One month
One week
One day
One hour

Who, or what, is the hero working to save?

His or her family and livelihood
His or her country
His or her reputation
The entire world

Which big event does the hero attend as they try to stop the villain?

A meeting of the villain’s associates in disguise.
A major political rally.
An underground gambling ring in a foreign country.
A luxurious masquerade ball attended by major world leaders.

What cool gadget does your hero use?

Camera glasses
Chinese throwing stars
A poison-pricking pen
An ultra-realistic mask

How does your hero’s first encounter with the villain go?

igorstevanovic /
They don’t meet face to face until the end of the movie.
They are in public, so they have to be discreet.
The hero is embarrassingly defeated and vows to get ‘em next time.
The hero manages to capture the villain, but the villain escapes.

How does the villain reveal his or her plan?

They don’t have to reveal it - the hero has known all along.
He/she drops a series of clues that the hero deciphers
In a note sent directly to the hero
In a melodramatic speech when they think they’ve defeated the hero.

Where is the hero’s final encounter with the villain?

The villain’s lair after the hero manages to track him/her down.
The tunnels of a fancy hotel
The streets of a major metropolis
A warehouse in the middle of nowhere

What final thing must your hero do in order to stop the villain?

The only way to end this is to kill them.
Reveal their plan to the public and have them imprisoned forever
Prove to his or her superiors that the villain has somehow framed the hero for their crimes.
Dismantle a bomb and save the world.

What does your hero lose in the process?

Their integrity
Their belief in the system
Their friends
Their reputation, only to gain it back tenfold in the end.

How does your movie end?

The hero has defeated the villain but lost a part of him- or herself in the process.
The hero sacrifices themselves to stop the villain’s plan
The hero defeats the villain, but only with the help of his or her colleagues.
The hero defeats the villain through their own extraordinary skill.