Plan Your Ideal Birthday Party and We’ll Tell You What Your Love Language Is

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Plan Your Ideal Birthday Party and We’ll Tell You What Your Love Language Is


During what season is your birthday?


How significant, in terms of how old you’re turning, is your next birthday?

Meh. It’s just one of those “another year” years
I’m right in the middle of a decade, so I wanna do something kind of cool.
It’s a brand-new decade for me!
This is a hallmark birthday. We’re talking 18, 21 level.

Are you excited about getting older?

I’m kind of “whatever” about it right now.
Kind of. I definitely want to make an event out of my birthday, but nothing too crazy.
Not at all - unless I start aging backwards somehow!
I’m SO psyched!

How many people are you inviting to this party?

A few close friends and family members.
A large-ish group of friends.
A big group of friends and acquaintances.
Everyone I know!

How many people do you think will actually attend?

I mean, I hope they can all make it - it’s not a big group.
Most of them, but I expect a few here and there to have something come up.
I honestly don’t care - the day is all about me!

How are you inviting your guests?

One on one, be it text, phone call, or in person
I’m creating a Facebook invite. It’s the easiest way to stay organized.
Paper invitations - I feel like they’re such a nice touch!
Paperless invites! Good for the environment and effective.

Are kids invited to the party?

Sure. It’s not gonna be a total rager, or anything.
Um, probably not. It’s not exactly a family thing.
Uhhh...can I think about it?
Sure, but their parents know me enough to decide that at their own risk...

Does your party have a dress code?

Not at all - it’s gonna be really casual.
I’d like to go out for a nice dinner too, so maybe for that.
Yes - dress to impress!
There’ll be a theme! People are welcome to dress accordingly.

What are you going to be wearing?

Something casual and cute.
Something trendy and cool.
Something semi-formal. Hey - it’s my party!
Something I picked out specifically for this.

In what city will your party ideally take place?

My hometown. It’s where most of my friends and family are.
Austin, TX. It’s such an awesome up-and-coming city.
New York - the city that never sleeps!
Ibiza, the party capital of the world.

What venue will you use for your party?

My house, which means a lot of pre- (and post-)party cleaning!
Probably a private room at a cool restaurant/bar
I’m getting a VIP table at an awesome club in town.
I’m renting out an entire venue - trust me, there are enough guests to fill it up!

At what time will your party begin?

During the day - I’m not really a night owl
Probably around 6 or 7
The invitation says 10, but we’ll see when people get there…
9:00pm, but the more important question is when will it end!

What fun party amenity will you have?

Interactive games, like Heads Up!
A pinata! I’m bringing those back.
A DJ playing everyone’s favorite songs
A photobooth! Those are so cool.

What appetizers will be served at your party?

Chips and guac
Pigs in a blanket
Spring rolls

What main course, if any, will be served at the party?

No main course - just a really big snack table.
There’ll be a pre-selected menu!
Um, alcohol?
It’ll be buffet-style with plenty of choices for everyone

What dessert, other than birthday cake, will you provide your guests?

Ice cream is a must!
Cheesecake. The more types of cake, the better.
Mini cannolis. Delicious and original!
A DIY donut bar!

If your party could have a signature drink, what would it be?

A cool new craft beer
Ooh - a one-of-a-kind type of wine!
A tropical mojito - maybe guava or passionfruit.
Mixed shots that are equal parts delicious and strong.

What flavor will your birthday cake be?

Chocolate. It’s classic!
Marble: the best of both worlds!
Carrot. I like to think outside the box.
Red velvet, of course!

Surprise - you can add another flavor! What is it?

Extra, extra fudge.
Raspberry would be delicious.
Definitely coffee.

What kind of candle will you have on your cake?

Just the classic one displaying my age.
Just one pretty candle. I don’t wanna lose my breath trying to blow out a ton!
One for every year, of course.
Sparkler candles!

What kind of entrance are you making to the festivities?

No entrance for me - I’m greeting my guests at the door.
Grand entrances aren’t really my thing, but I’ll be fashionably late for sure.
I’m waiting til most people are there, then walking in exclaiming, “Let’s party!”
I’m having a full-on grand entrance, special outfit and everything.

What’s your dream birthday gift?

The latest Apple Watch would be sweet.
Gift cards so I can shop for myself!
A weekend getaway trip with my friends.
Is a new car too much to ask for?

What gift that can’t be bought would you be happiest to receive?


How are you writing thank-you notes to your guests?

A simple, sincere “thank you” in person should do just fine.
Shooting each person a text. Is that tacky?
Cute animated emails thanking them for the gift specifically.
Handwritten notes. It’s the classy thing to do. Right?

At what point in the party is “Happy Birthday” being sung?

Can we skip that and go straight to the cake?
Right in the middle of the party.
Towards the end - I wanna be able to look forward to it.
Right when I arrive. All eyes will be on me, so might as well!

How will you decorate your party?

A few balloons and the classic, tacky paper utensils
The place where I’m having the party is taking care of that.
According to the theme, of course!
I want the works - engraved china, personalized balloons, and the like.

What’s the entertainment for your party?

My sparkling personality?
Games, activities, and music.
The amazing DJ.
Um, alcohol?

At what time does your party end?

Probably in the early evening. I’m not too much of a night owl.
Around midnight. I like my sleep!
2:00 or 3:00 am, right after last call.
Who says it has to end?

Where’s the after-party?

Ha! Absolutely not.
My apartment. Just a chill hangout with a few friends.
A cool hidden bar downtown.
Trust me: this party won’t leave room for an after-party!

What’s your favorite memory of the party?

Spending quality time with my loved ones.
Celebrating my birthday with fun, unique activities.
Dancing the night away with my friends.
Having an entire night be all about me!